The Need for Professional Security Guards Soar!

If you’re in the market for security guard services for your business or property, it’s important to choose a highly trained professional that graduated from state certified training course. Many of the more experienced security guards in Houston have completed the courses listed below.

  • Level 2 Security Guard Training (Unarmed Security Guard)
  • Level 3 Security Guard Training (Armed Security Guard)
  • Level 3 Security Guard Requalifications
  • Level 4 Personal Protection Officer (Body Guard)

Professional Security Guards Are In Demand

Hire Well, and Hire Quickly

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Business owners in Houston and throughout Texas know the importance of protecting their assets and their ability to do business. Oftentimes, security goals are accomplished with security cameras and strong commercial security doors while other situations may demand more a hands-on approach.

This need for a hands-on approach is why professional security guards are in such high demand. Local security guard companies like Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc. has seen a spike in clients since the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus Covid-19 CCP Virus was imported to the United States. Considering the economic impacts caused by some of the governors who have unlawfully suspended the Constitutional Rights of their citizens, things could get worse.

Security Guards Support Law Enforcement

Obviously, with the current demands on law enforcement caused by the Wuhan Bat Soup Flu outbreak, the government in strained. This is the perfect opportunity for the private security agencies to step and protect private assets. With security officers that are trained and certified, our men and women in blue can do what they’re supposed to do, protect public safety.

If you’re interested in talking with a skilled security professional about potential resolutions to your security concerns, I recommend contacting Allen Hollimon of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc at 1-800-294-6042.